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Why Forex Trading Is Not Gambling?

Posted on 18th July 2018
Why Forex Trading Is Not Gambling?

When it comes to trading, you are broadly dealing with the odds. You look for patterns, impactful news on regulations and devaluations, and you have to have an eye for detail with which you can try predict the market, unlike gambling where it is 50:50 or even less.

The Business of Forex Trading

Successful forex trading is a skilled business. You can produce high functional outputs if you are well organized and planned. A detailed tracking record of profit and loss will help you to figure out your strength and weakness. These factors diminish the risk and improve your profit probability. Focus on fewer trades that align with your margin and assert a disciplined approach to money management. This will help you to avoid a serious drop in your trading career.

So is Forex Trading Gambling?

You know, there is a fine line between traders and gamblers. What differentiates trading from gambling is being able to bend the odds in your favour.

Gambling expects more return on investment compared to the effort put into action. As a trader, you must realize that anything can happen in the markets. The profit you make is not luck, its a skilled assessment of the fluctuation of values.

Move the Odds to Your Favour

A good trader always looks for an advantage window to make full use of his/her strengths. Sometimes, what works today may not work for tomorrow, therefore keep a graph on trading style or trend lines. Executing your plan with a high degree of discipline scores you the goal.

The key is to find the right combination of price action and confluence.

Learn to Evaluate Probabilities

Trading without a plan exposes you to the risk of losing capital. Analyzing the probabilities will enhance your chances of profit. Evaluate the market behaviours, patterns, and the sharp tweaks that could twist your trading opportunities in the future.

Record your observations to examine the market trend. Moreover, a trader requires a correct mindset and smart movement to win the trade.

Importance of Managing Risks

As we are in the game to increase our wealth, it is necessary to learn to manage the risk. Trading without risk management rules is often gambling. There is always risk and you will lose money at some point. In order to bag the favourable outcome, take the trades in accordance with the gain/risk ratio.

You can focus on trades with a high probability of profits and implement well-tested trading strategies for higher success rates. Incorporate good risk management practices by limiting losses, position sizing and by constantly updating yourself on the market trends. This ultimately helps you to avoid mistakes.

Know how to implement your acquired skills to become a savvy of trading. When you accept that the market is bigger than you, and are susceptible to losses, you will stick to your strategy leaving your emotions out of the equation.